Goo Scenes
5 scenes

Messy Explosion--Dakota Charms
Added 5/20/21    1131 views
With Dakota Charms! Choo choo says the train and the bird sounds are so soothing as I lie on my belly with my bare feet over my head like rabbit ears. My face is in my hands and I'm startled as green slime is sploshed on my face from on top of my he...
Gross Slime--Dakota Charms
Added 11/22/20    1104 views
With Dakota Charms! I have two huge buckets of green slime. You want this sticky slimy dumped all over me and messing up my hair and makeup. It's going to be gross! Cut scene! Do I really have to put this chunky goo all over me? As it's splashed...
Who Did This--Dakota Charms
Added 10/18/19    1791 views
With Dakota Charms! I take off my bedroom slippers and socks before accidentally stepping in a sticky pile of marshmallow glue with my bare feet. My wiggling toes can't escape and when I pull up one foot, the other is stuck in the muck. The pink toe...
Dru Stone Gets Slimed
Added 9/22/19    1991 views
With Dru Stone Dakota Charms! Dru anticipates the green slime and laughs when the I splosh the green goo over her head. It drips down her face and she's afraid to open her eyes. Thicker sludge is sploshed onto her body like a fountain. Playing with...
Slime Time Dakota Charms
Added 9/18/19    2523 views
With Dakota Charms! I anticipate the green slime and the longer it takes, the more nervous I get! Dru Stone finally sploshes the green goo over my head and it drips down my face and onto my body like a fountain. Playing with the slimy concoction, I...

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